What are the roles and responsibilities of the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is an executive non-departmental public body by the UK government responsible for regulating and supervising gaming laws in Great Britain. The body exists to safeguard the interests of players and the public by ensuring safe and fair gambling. The commission has specific roles that helps it achieve this mission. So, the key roles of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission are:

Regulating gambling activities in the UK

UK Gambling CommissionOne of the key roles of the UK Gambling Commission is to regulate all the gambling activities in the United Kingdom. The commission handles all the licensing for individuals and businesses offering gambling services to UK citizens. All companies carrying the UK Gambling Association’s license must also operate under its regulation. The commission’s goal is to ensure that all gamblers experience fairness from gambling sites.

The UKGC also regulates the National Lottery, which is England’s main lottery system. The commission makes sure that the National is run with due propriety and that the interests of every participant are guarded in the highest possible standards.

Before licensing a gambling business or organization, the Unighted Kingdom Gambling Commission is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the establishments meet all the licensing objectives.
The UKGC partners with local licensing authorities in handling the licensing for British operators and individuals.

Preventing gambling from becoming a source of crime and disorder

Gambling can be a source of criminal and disorderly activities. People can also use gambling as a tool to support crime. For this reason, one of the UK Gambling Association’s roles and responsibilities is to ensure that individuals or businesses do not use gambling as a means to support crime and disorder. The commission frequently audits gambling institutions under their regulation to ensure that they are not being used as a source to support crime. The audits include looking into issues like the security protocols of the gambling companies and other faculties.

Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way

Gambling can be an unpredictable and risky activity. One of the key concerns that players have regarding gambling is honesty. The UKGC ensures that gambling is conducted in fairness and transparency. This helps gambling establishments to maintain players’ trust that the outcomes are not biased. The UKGC requires gambling establishments to ensure that their outcomes are random and not predetermined with malicious intent.

Casinos and gambling establishments can ensure fairness and openess by using RNGs, computer programs that generate random numbers. Most of them also use provably fair gambling, an innovative method that allows players to verify the fairness of their games. The UKGC audits the gambling establishments during the licensing processes to ensure that they have set the right structures in place to promote transparency and fairness.

Protecting kids and vulnerable individuals from exploitation through gambling

Gambling is an addictive activity. Therefore, many governments have put forth measures to protect minors and children from this activity as they do with drugs and other potentially harmful activities. One of the roles and responsibilities of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is to ensure that children and vulnerable individuals are protected from any exploitation and harm associated by gambling. Gambling organizations under the UKGC’s regulation must put measures in place to protect children and vulnerable persons. The UKGC cannot do anything about sites not blocked by Gamstop, this is out of their reach.

One of the measures for protecting children is ensuring that the individuals that can access or play gambling games have reached the age of consent. This age usually differs from one nation to the next. In the UK, the age of consent is 18 years. On the other hand, gambling institutions like online casinos protect vulnerable individuals from harm by implementing responsible gambling measures. Most online casinos have pages dedicated to responsible gambling. Some have put in place gambling limits and offer clients resources for promoting responsible gambling.

Final Words

The key role of the UKGC is to make gambling safer in the UK. The United Kingdom Gambling
Commission makes gambling safer by;
  • Involving individuals with experience in its work, like people that have been harmed by gambling
    or helped victims of gambling harm.
  • Being tough on compliance and enforcement to ensure that gambling businesses do not
    abscond the rules.
  • Ensuring that gambling operators practice safer marketing and advertising practices.
  • Banning gambling with credit cards to promote safety and promote responsible gaming.
  • Improving how operators interact with their clients
  • Launching the National Strategy to Reduce Gabling harm across Wales, England, and Scotland.

More information you can find on the website https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk